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About Me :

Piotr Macura : Architect

I am a qualified IARP architect with a 19 years of experience in architectural practice.

I spent most of my professional career in an international design office Broadway Malyan, Warsaw based unit. I’ve had an opportunity to work on medium to large scale project on various stages of development. I have experience in many design sectors: retail, office, residential, hotels, mix-use, office fit-outs.

Currenty working at Kallan Architects I work on various residential projects and implementing BIM methodology of work.

Not only architecture

I’m also interested in freehand drawing, automotive design, 3D modelling, BIM implementation in architect’s work.

Creative mind

I find ideas quite easily and I can quickly present them with a sketch, scheme or a model. I have analytical mind – when I find problems, I also find quick solutions.

Super Efficient

I always try to adjust the methods of work to the task and select proper tools. I try to find ways to automate repetitive tasks.

Highly Skilled

I have experience in many fields connected with architect’s work, from wide project expertise, risk awarness to wide software knowledge.

Piotr Macura

Architect IARP, BIM/CAD Manager